Continuing in the Abraham series with a look at Genesis 20

Genesis(16) (Part of the Abraham: Confidently Looking Forward(17) series)
by Glen Osborn(80) on September 4, 2022 (Worship Service(83))


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Small Group Questions

September 4, 2022

Here We Go​​ Again Genesis​​ 20


  • Think of times where you or someone you know have fallen back into old patterns of life that do not honor God. ​​ How do you think this happens?


  • Read Genesis 20


  • What proceeded Abrahams move and why do you think he moved his family?


  • Why did Abraham and Sarah lie to Abimelech? ​​ How did Abimelech become aware of their lie? ​​ 


  • How did God speak to Abimelech? ​​ How did Abimelech respond? ​​ 


  • Why does God protect, rescue and bless Abraham and Sarah? ​​ What does He have Abraham do for Abimelech and his people?


  • Read 1 Corinthians 10:12-13. ​​ How do we avoid falling?


  • Read Romans 8:28. What​​ does God do with the messes we make? ​​ 


  • Pray

  • Thank God for His love and care, and ask Him to “deliver you from evil.” ​​ 

  • Thank God that He speaks to us through others to get us back on track, and will even cause our failures to “work together for good.” ​​ 

  • Pray for those who may feel that their failures are unforgivable and need to know the grace of God.

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