Genesis 21:22-34

Genesis(16) (Part of the Abraham: Confidently Looking Forward(17) series)
by Glen Osborn(111) on October 2, 2022 (Worship Service(123))


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Small Group Questions

October 2, 2022

God’s Blessings Impact the Pagan Culture

Genesis 21:22-34


  • Take a time to reflect on how you have been blessed by God. ​​ Share something with the rest of the group.


  • Can you think of a time when you​​ have seen someone touched by God’s blessing another person?


  • Read Genesis 21:22-34


  • What did Abimelech say to Abraham? ​​ What did he ask from Abraham? ​​ (vs.22-23)


  • What did Abraham ask from Abimelech? ​​ What did Abraham do? (vs.25-31)


  • After going home,​​ what did Abraham do? (vs.33)


  • What are the purposes of God’s blessings in our life? ​​ How does He use them to impact others? ​​ Read Matthew 5:13-17


  • What should be our response to His blessings? ​​ What can you do to remember how God has blessed you?


  • Prayer

    • Thank God for His abundant blessings to you

    • Pray that others will see His blessings and be drawn to come to Him.

    • Pray that you will openly declare His blessings and give Him thanks so that others will know the goodness of God.

    • Pray that you will know how to​​ respond to those who around you who God is drawing to Himself.

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