Genesis 16

Genesis(16) (Part of the Abraham: Confidently Looking Forward(17) series)
by Glen Osborn(123) on August 7, 2022 (Worship Service(134))


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August 7, 2022

God’s Way or My Way

Genesis​​ 16


  • Have you ever made a decision to do something that later you realized you would have been better off if you had waited?


  • Read Genesis 16


  • Why did Sarai give Hagar to Abraham to have a child? ​​ What were the results of this decision?


  • Do you think Abram had responsibility for this decision?


  • How did Abram and Sarai respond to the tension between Hagar and Sarai? ​​ How did God respond?


  • What was God’s promise and prophecy to Hagar? ​​ 


  • What did Hagar call God and why?


  • What have you learned from this passage and how can you apply it to your life?


  • Pray:

    • Thank God for His care for the outcast.

    • Ask God to help you know His will and to follow it instead of going your own way.

    • Ask for forgiveness where you have gone your own way and pray for those​​ affected​​ by it.

    • Ask for God’s heart to care for the outcast,​​ and troubled in our day.

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