Pastor Glen continues our summer series with a message out of Genesis 12:10-20

Genesis(16) (Part of the Abraham: Confidently Looking Forward(17) series)
by Glen Osborn(79) on July 10, 2022 (Worship Service(82))

Abraham(17), Faith(5), Fear(2)

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July​​ 10, 2022

From Faith to Fear

Genesis 12:10-20


  • As a follower of the Living God, what challenges have your faced? ​​ Have you ever done something to try to get out of a problem that wasn’t God’s way?


  • Read Genesis 12:10-20


  • Why did Abram go to Egypt? ​​ What was he afraid of?


  • What was his solution to what he was afraid of? ​​ What do you think about this?


  • How did Pharoah initially treat Abram? ​​ Why did things change? ​​ Who made it change?


  • How did God use Pharoah to get Abram back on the right path? ​​ 


  • Have you ever seen God at work in uncommon ways to get you back on track to follow Him? ​​ 


  • How does God look at our failures? ​​ How should we look at them?


  • Prayer

    • Thank God for​​ rescuing from our failures and fears.

    • Ask God to help us trust in His ways and to not resort to our own ideas.

    • Pray for those who may have been hurt by our failures.

    • Ask God to turn our failures into successes for His glory.

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