This Sunday we will continue our Advent Series with The Cradle to the Cross and look at Luke 2:25-35.

Luke(7) (Part of the Advent(5) series)
by Glen Osborn(79) on December 19, 2021 (Worship Service(82))

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Advent Series Small Group Questions

December​​ 19, 2021

“From the Cradle to the Cross”

1. Have a volunteer(s) read​​ Luke 2:25-35

2.​​ Why were Mary and Joseph at the temple?

3.​​ Who was Simeon and why was he at the temple?

4.​​ What did Simeon say about Jesus? ​​ How did he know this?

5.​​ Why do you think Mary and Joseph were amazed? ​​​​ 

6.​​ Simeon then spoke specifically to Mary. ​​ Why was this important for her to hear and know? ​​​​ 

7.​​ What are the things he told Mary, and how would that have impacted her? ​​​​ 

8.​​ How does Jesus reveal the deepest thoughts of people’s hearts?

9.​​ Prayer: Thank God for sending Jesus to bring us salvation. ​​ Thank Jesus for being willing to come to this world to die for us. ​​ Pray for those you know to come to Jesus​​ and know His joy.









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