We hope you are finding hope in our Advent Series. This week we will look at God's Plan Fulfilled - He Comes to Us. Read Luke 2:1-20 as you prepare your hearts for the message.

Luke(7) (Part of the Advent(5) series)
by Glen Osborn(79) on December 12, 2021 (Worship Service(82))

Christmas(10), Hope(4), Jesus(8), Joseph(1), Joy(13), Mary(1)

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Advent Series Small Group Questions

December​​ 12, 2021

“God’s Plan​​ Fulfilled – He Comes to Us”

1. Have a volunteer(s) read​​ Luke 2:1-20

2.​​ As you read through and listen to the Christmas story, what stands out to you? ​​ Is there anything that you have heard before that seems fresh and new?

3.​​ How do the players in God’s plan carry it all out?

4.​​ Do you identify with any particular characters in the story?

5.​​ Does it surprise you that God uses people who are not in submission to Him to carry out His plan? ​​​​ 

6.​​ What are the characteristics of Mary and Joseph that you think are important​​ in God choosing them for the role that they played? ​​​​ 

7.​​ Why did God come to us as a baby? ​​ 

8.​​ Why did the angel(s) come to the shepherds with the news of Jesus’ birth? ​​ Why not the religious authorities or government officials?

9. How does God come to you in Jesus this Christmas season?

10. Pray for each other to grow in their knowledge of the Savior this Christmas season.

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