Luke 2:1-20

Luke(9) (Part of the The Wonder of Christmas(5) series)
by Glen Osborn(123) on November 27, 2022 (Worship Service(134))


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Small Group Questions ​​ ​​​​ November​​ 27, 2022

The Wonder of His BirthLuke 2:1-20


  • Share your experiences personally or of someone you know of the challenges of giving birth.


  • Read Luke 2:1-7  ​​​​ What challenges did Mary face in giving birth to Jesus?


  • Why do you think God would enter our world this way?


  • Read Luke 2:8-14 ​​ How did the shepherds respond when the angel appeared?


  • What did the angel tell the shepherds? ​​ Why do you think God choose to bring this message first to the shepherds in the field? ​​ 


  • Read Luke 2:15-20 ​​ What did the shepherds decide to do?


  • Why do you think the shepherds were so excited and told everyone? ​​ How did the people respond to the shepherds’ story? ​​ Why?


  • The wonder of the birth of Jesus involves the where, and the how and the who. ​​ The shepherds were outcasts brought in by God. ​​ So are we. ​​ How can we respond like they did? ​​ (verse 20)


  • Pray

  • Thank Jesus that He was willing to come into the mess of this world to bring us salvation.

  • Ask God to help you to be like the shepherds, to want to see what God has done, to tell others, and to praise God all the time, wherever we are.

  • Pray for others to know that Jesus came for them.

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