Matthew 2:1-12

Matthew(9) (Part of the The Wonder of Christmas(5) series)
by Glen Osborn(80) on December 11, 2022 (Worship Service(83))


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Small Group Questions ​​ ​​​​ December​​ 11, 2022

The Wonder of His​​ JoyMatthew​​ 2:1-12


  • What are some things that you have learned or been told about the wise men in the Christmas story? ​​ Are they all biblically accurate?


  • Read Matthew 2:1-12. ​​ What things do you know about the wise men from this passage?


  • What did the wise men say when they arrived in Jerusalem? ​​ How were they received? ​​ 


  • What do you think motivated them to find and worship the King of the Jews? ​​​​ Why would God motivate this group to come?


  • How did Herod and the religious leaders respond? ​​ Were they motivated to seek the newborn King? ​​ Why not?


  • The wisemen gave gifts as part of their worship. ​​ Does this act and the kind of gifts have anything to say to us?


  • The wiseman experienced great joy when they saw the star leading them to Jesus. ​​ Why would that be? ​​ How does God’s leading in your life bring you joy?


  • Prayer

  • Thank God for the gift of Jesus and that salvation is for all people.

  • Pray for those in other lands who need to hear of the saving message of Jesus.

  • Pray for a heart of worship that directs you to seek Jesus and give freely.

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