On this Palm Sunday Pastor Glen will be preaching from John 12:12-36 on Excitement, Curiosity, Interest, and Belief.

(Part of the Palm Sunday & Easter(2) series)
by Glen Osborn(140) on April 10, 2022 (Sunday Morning(4))

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Small Group Questions

April 10, 2022

“Excitement, Curiosity, Interest or Belief?” ​​ 

John 12:12-36

1.​​ Read​​ John​​ 12:12-16

2.​​ Have you ever been in an excited crowd? ​​ How did it feel? ​​ What do you think it was like in Jerusalem​​ when Jesus entered on Palm Sunday? ​​​​ 

3.​​ What prophecy was fulfilled? ​​ What is the significance? ​​​​ 

4.​​ Read​​ John 12:17-19

5.​​ What had most of the people in the crowd telling others about? ​​ What were they looking for? ​​​​ What did the Pharisees think? ​​​​ 

6.​​ Read​​ John 12:20-26

7.​​ What did the Greeks want? ​​ How did Jesus respond?​​ 

8.​​ Read John 12:27-36

9.​​ What does Jesus say​​ is the reason He came? ​​ What things does He say will be accomplished? ​​ How are we to respond to​​ “the light?”

10. Pray

  • Give thanks​​ for​​ what Jesus has done for you

  • Pray for those you know who may be curious or interested but​​ haven’t believed.

  • Pray that we may lift up Jesus so that others are drawn to Him.




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