This week, in addition to celebrating Compassion Sunday, Pastor Glen will be continuing our Emotionally Healthy Relationships series with a look at Matthew 7:1-5 and a few passages in Proverbs.

Matthew(9), Proverbs(2) (Part of the Emotionally Healthy Relationships(9) series)
by Glen Osborn(80) on May 1, 2022 (Worship Service(83))

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May 1, 2022

Stop Mind Reading and Clarify Our Expectations

Matthew 7:1-5


  • Read Matthew 7:1-5

  • What do we judge other Christians about?

  • What happens to us when we judge others?

  • What does Jesus say is​​ the big problem when we try to correct a friend?


  • Read Proverbs 18:2,13, 15

  • What do you learn from these Proverbs?

  • Pastor Glen talked about Mind Reading as a way of judging. ​​ What are some ways we can stop mind reading?

  • How have you seen that mind reading results in struggles in relationships?


  • Our unclear expectations of others is another area that can be a form of judging and lead to struggles in relationships. ​​ 

  • Have you ever experienced someone having expectations of you that you didn’t know of and led to tension in a relationship? ​​ Were you able to resolve this?

  • How can we clarify expectations? ​​ 

  • Why is it important for expectations to be shared and agreed upon?

  • What is an expectation someone might have of you that needs clarification? ​​ What might your next steps be?


  • Pray

  • For any relationships that you know may be strained and for grace to prevail.

  • For strength to stop mind reading and to work at clarifying expectations.

  • For love for each other to show.


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