This Graduation Sunday we take some time to honor our 2022 graduates, and Pastor Glen continues in the Emotionally Healthy Relationships series with a sermon entitled "Listening Incarnationally" out of James 1:19-21.

James(1) (Part of the Emotionally Healthy Relationships(9) series)
by Glen Osborn(106) on May 22, 2022 (Worship Service(115))

Graduation Sunday(2)

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Small Group Questions

May​​ 22, 2022

“Listening Incarnationally” ​​ James 1:19-21


  • Read​​ James 1:19-21


  • How does listening quickly rather than speaking impact relationships?


  • What do you think being slow to speak means?


  • What are some ways you can be slow to becoming angry?


  • How do you think Jesus listened to the people He talked with? ​​ How do you feel when someone “really” listens to you?


  • What are some ways you can practice being “fully present” with those you talk with?


  • What are some ways you can lessen distractions as you talk with another?


  • Prayer

  • Ask the Lord to help you be a better listener.

  • Pray for a heart for others and an ability to understand them and their needs.

  • Ask God to guide your speech and to give you wisdom in when to speak and what to say.

  • Pray that you would not become angry but rather be a person of peace.

  • Thank God for the Holy Spirit who lives in you and gives you the capacity to live like Jesus.

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