This week we will hear from Ray and Katherine Henz, and Pastor Glen will preach from Daniel 1:8-17.

Daniel(2) (Part of the Emotionally Healthy Relationships(9) series)
by Glen Osborn(79) on June 12, 2022 (Worship Service(82))

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Small Group Questions

June 12, 2022

Fighting Cleanly  ​​​​ Daniel 1:3-21


  • Read Daniel 1:3-7


  • Why was Daniel and his friends in Babylon? ​​ What were they being trained to do? ​​ Why were they selected?


  • Read Daniel 1:8-16


  • What was the​​ problem that Daniel had? ​​ Who did he talk to? ​​ What was the response? ​​ 


  • What did Daniel propose? ​​ Why do you think the chief of staff accepted the proposal? ​​ What was the result?


  • Read Daniel 1:17-21


  • What special abilities did God give these young​​ men? ​​ Why do you think he gave them these abilities and placed them there? ​​ 


  • What was the king’s response? ​​ How much did he trust them? ​​ How effective were they? ​​ 


  • Prayer

  • Ask for help that when we face conflict, we will know the problem, have God’s guidance, and take appropriate action.

  • Thank God for special giftedness and His plans in the midst of challenges.

  • Pray for God’s wisdom and strength to face difficult situations that demand confrontation.

  • Pray that we will fight cleanly and bring God glory.



Asking: ​​ 

  • State the problem – “I notice…”  ​​​​ 


  • State why it is important to you – “I value _____ because…” ​​ 


  • Fill in this sentence – “When you _______ I feel…” ​​ 


  • State your request specifically, including details such as time and/or dates. ​​ 




  • Consider the request. ​​ Briefly share your feelings and perspectives on it. ​​ 


  • Are you willing to do all of it, part of it, or none of it. ​​ Make that clear at this point. ​​ 


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