Pastor Glen returns to the Emotionally Healthy Relationships series this week as we take a look at Mark 3:31-35 and "Becoming Self Aware."

Mark(2) (Part of the Emotionally Healthy Relationships(9) series)
by Glen Osborn(80) on May 15, 2022 ()

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May​​ 15, 2022

“Becoming Self Aware: Discerning the Past and the Present” ​​ Mark 3:31-35


  • Read Mark 3:31-35


  • What did Jesus mean in His statements and questions? ​​ Did He no longer have a relationship with His mother and brothers?


  • Read Luke 14:26 and Matthew 10:37


  • From what Jesus said, what is your relationship to be with your family in light of following Jesus?


  • How can/does your family complicate​​ your Christian life?


  • How has past family experiences/history influenced how you live life? ​​ What areas need to change in light of what Jesus would want for you?


  • How have you found a new life and new family as a Christian? ​​ What difference has that made?


  • Prayer

  • Thank God for your new family in Christ.

  • Ask Him to bring healing where there has been pain from the past; Ask Him to help you put off anything that is a part of you from your family that is not to be a part of you as a Christian.

  • Pray for family members still living who need Christ as Savior.

  • Thank God for any family members who showed you the light of Christ.

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